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Principal Investigator
Yoel E. Stuart, PhD (ystuart)
Assistant Professor
Curriculum Vitae (last updated 5 August 2020)

Masters Students
Tristan Kosciuch (tkosciuch) 2020 – Present
Tristan is in the Bioinformatics program. He collected a stickleback data set from more than 40 lakes in summer 2020 to ask questions about landscape ecology and evolution by incorporating large-scale remote-sensed environmental data.

Bryan Galligan (bgalligan) 2020 – Present
Bryan is pursuing his Masters in Philosophy, but he has past and ongoing interest in ecology. I am advising him as he pursues questions about larval recruitment and dispersal by quahog clams in Narragansett Bay, particularly as abiotic conditions like hypoxia change.

Samantha Swank (sswank) 2019 – Present
Sam is currently working on a review of the genetic basis of vertebrate limb loss and is collecting and analyzing data for a project on the inferred role of Pitx1 in squamate limb loss. Among many other things.

Franklin Joaquin (fjoaquin) 2020 – Present
Franklin is currently our stickleback phenotyping expert, and is also working to publish his own Lake Michigan stickleback data set collected when he was an undergraduate at DePaul, with Windsor Aguirre.

Undergraduate Researchers
Raheyma Siddiqui (Fall 2019 – Present)
Ethan Elazegui (Fall 2019 – Present)
Allison Ozark (Fall 2019 – Present)
Sophia Janidlo (Fall 2019 – Present)
Jason Tien (Spring 2020 – Present)
Rebecca Sullivan (Spring 2020 – Present)
Musharrat Islam (Spring 2020 – Present)
Chauncey Lawson-Weinert (Spring 2020 – Present)
Ola Abughoush (Spring 2020 – Present)
Anuradha Chaudhary (Spring 2020)
Aaron Myrold (Spring 2020 – Present)